Mama didn’t take the Kodachrome away

Yesterday morning, I worked down in the basement preparing for Hurricane Irene’s flood-threatening arrival. And while rearranging the stacks of boxes to get them as high off of the floor as possible, I hit the mother lode of photo albums and boxes of photos—yes hard-copy photos, redundant copies of pictures and other shots that didn’t make the cut to be featured in an album.

I hadn’t looked at any of these pics in quite a few years. I knew I didn’t have the time to walk down memory lane, so I didn’t dare to start looking. OK well, just one peek into a mini photo album big enough to fit one 4 x 6 picture in each plastic sleeve. I had to look. Opening it revealed pictures from my 10-year high school reunion. But Irene was coming, so I closed the book and stuffed it away in the storage cabinet.

In the age of digital photography, does anyone keep current photo albums like this anymore? If so, please tell me what’s in it. What would be in it if you did keep an old-fashioned photo book? I think many of us have forgotten that uneasy feeling while waiting in line at the film development shop, wondering if our pictures would even come out right. I still have six months worth of pictures on my digital SLR camera and am still trying to figure out how to get them on my Mac. So they’re light years away from getting printed and inserted into a photo album.

How are photo printing businesses doing now anyway, now that Kodak has stopped producing 35mm film?


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